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Best Handheld Belt Sander

The best handheld belt sander is a great help when used for smoothing down rough surfaces with high speed and high strength.

These kinds of products are comprised of sanding belts, the loop of sturdy cloth that is placed over two cylindrical drums. The drum in the back is driven around by the unit's motor while the one in the front is used to spin around.

There is usually a lever attached to the sander that helps the operator move the belt into its appropriate place. An adjustment option is preferable since it would mean that the belt can be automatically adjusted as the user moves around in the work area.

In addition to being useful in removing stock off of woodworking, the sander is also great for clearing off old paint, varnish, and spots. The speed adjuster guarantees a smooth finish every time.

There are two kinds of belt sanders: handheld and stationary.   3 Best small Belt Sanders For Small Shop  

Types of Belt Sanders


A handheld belt sander is more flexible to use since the product can be readily moved to the work area rather than bringing the work to the unit.

Handheld models usually have additional features such as an adjustable power speed regulator which makes sure that despite so much motion, the product remains in perfect balance and does not hamper any sort of work activity.

How does the sander work? It consists of a bunch of pulleys to keep putting a coated abrasive material on the wood to remove stock from it. Either the wood is kept fed to the sander or the sander is moved near the wood. 


When a belt sander is stationary, it means that it is fixed and the work must be moved near the unit to be operated on. For the sanding to be perfectly balanced, stationary belt sanders are usually placed on a workbench. In such a case, the tool will be called a bench or workbench sander.

What are stationary models specifically used for? They are used for removing non-ferrous materials, for example, like aluminum. Although aluminum and other such non-ferrous materials usually end up clogging wheels, belt sanders are mostly immune to damage since the metal bits pass the wheel by going around it.

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